"Trump Yourself" Shows You Exactly How Donald Trump Would Insult You

John Moore / Getty Images
There’s no need to imagine how Donald Trump might insult you, because he probably already has. The (now official) Republican presidential nominee has harsh words for seemingly everyone, and the Hillary Clinton campaign wants the world to know exactly what he’s saying. Thus, “Trump Yourself” was born.

Trump Yourself is a website created by the Democratic candidate that places real Donald Trump insults over users’ Facebook profile pictures. What ensues is a hilarious juxtaposition between smiling faces and downright unpleasant words that are 100% genuine quotes said by Trump during his time on the campaign trail and beyond.

The captions include phrases like “fat pig” and the classic “hater and loser,” as well as statements like “Donald Trump Wants To Ban Me” and “Donald Trump Doesn’t Think I Should Be Able To Get Married.” Each choice comes with its own funky filter, sometimes decorated with stickers or other graphics that really drive the point home.

However, this isn’t just for laughs. The humorous filters are all a part of the Hillary campaign’s larger point: Donald Trump’s ideas are dangerous. If the quotes themselves don’t scare you, then the generator also gives context, providing excerpts from the exact interview, speech, or, of course, tweet, the words came from. If you get bored of the quotes, don’t worry: there are still three months of speeches left.

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