The Crazy Foods That Celebrity Babies Actually Eat

Photo: Robert Kamau/Getty Images.
I used to want to be famous. Blame a particularly bad habit of checking Perez Hilton every day in high school — but I was inundated with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And I wanted some of it.

But after a while, I began to realize something. Sure, being famous has its perks, but being the baby of a celebrity? That’s the life you really want. Celebrities love to remind us that being famous comes with hard work: grueling shooting schedules, energy-draining performances, mind-numbing press junkets. But their kids? Those lucky cuties just had to be born, and they get all the same perks.

And while there's still some hope that I could become famous one day (hey, we’ll all get our own reality TV moment eventually, right?), I’ll definitely never get to live the life of a famous baby. My own childhood, while both happy and healthy, lacked the glamour of a Blue Ivy or North West type of existence. Sure, I was loved and fed, but I was fed Kraft mac and cheese.

What would it be like to be a celebrity baby? I may never know, but I could at least see what it was like to eat like one. So I went on a mission to replicate the same meals that famous tots have been known to indulge in — and here's what happened.

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