Everything You Need To Know About The Kat Von D & Jeffree Star Drama

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This story was originally published on July 20, 2016.

An ongoing feud between makeup entrepreneurs and former friends Kat Von D and Jeffree Star came to a head today, with Von D releasing an Instagram post and a tell-all video that documents the duo’s one-time friendship and explosive falling-out.

While this came out of nowhere for many fans, it appears as if tensions had been rising for months, according to a nearly 14-minute video posted by Von D. For Von D, the disintegration of her friendship with Star seems to have culminated in a text exchange that went down last week, in which Von D claimed she was working to advocate for a friend who created artwork for Star, but who allegedly never got paid. “I kindly ask you, Jeffree...all I ask is that you do the right thing,” Von D pleads in her video.

So how and when did it all go wrong? Here’s everything we know so far in timeline form. Click ahead to get all the juicy deets.
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2006: According to a tweet posted (and seemingly deleted) today by Star, he and Von D became friends about 10 years ago.
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2014: Jeffree Star launches his namesake makeup line. Von D later details her involvement in her video, saying that she connected Star with an artist, BJ, who she says helped create graphic designs for the Jeffree Star brand. “BJ drew up his logos, and Jeffree went forward with them — and it’s the logos you see now on all the caps on all his lipsticks. [Star] never, never paid BJ. BJ would call him, and Jeffree basically blocked his phone,” she claims.

Later in the video, she shows BJ’s original mock-ups for Jeffree Star packaging and logos and reads a text from BJ in her phone that states, “He didn’t need me anymore after that. He had the artwork already.” Von D alleges that’s when Star stopped taking BJ’s calls and refused to pay him. Von D then says, “I think as far as being an ethical company, it’s really wrong what Jeffree has done. I think he needs to pay BJ.”

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June 12, 2016: Beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole posts a 40-plus-minute video in which she reviews new Jeffree Star products and discusses some of the online controversy surrounding the brand.

July 16, 2016: Von D discovers that BJ, the artist she recommended to Star, was supposedly never paid. In her later video, Von D continues, “The minute I found out about that, which was this last Saturday, I texted Jeffree and said, 'Hey Jeffree, can you explain to me why you haven’t paid BJ?' And he basically told me to go fuck myself and then blocked my number.”

July 17, 2016:
Von D tweets a heart to @StefNicole, with no additional text. Fans speculate that this is Von D’s way of saluting the vlogger’s video.

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July 19, 2016: In the wee hours of the morning, Von D posts a pic and note on Instagram announcing her desire to no longer be associated with Star. Fans and Star note that the photo used in the IG pic is from nine years ago. Star is not tagged. In her later video, Von D explains, “When someone blocks you you can’t [tag them]... The photo I chose was the photo of Jeffree when I knew him. That was, like, the Jeffree I know. The Jeffree that he is now is, like, this monster. This big, like, attention-seeking, fame-desiring, money-driven monster that I want no part of.” Shots. Fired.
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July 19, 2016: Star responds to Von D’s Instagram post with a series of tweets, including, “She accused me of something that wasn’t true, so I told her to fuck off, then blocked her number. Not that juicy of a story, sorry.”
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July 19, 2016: As promised, Von D posts a 14-minute follow-up video that she filmed while in Singapore. The testimonial describes the allegations she’s made and her take on the events that have led up to this point.

In the video, Von D remembers Jeffree during this period as a friend whom she was eager to help. “I can tell you how he started his makeup line. I can tell you because I was there,” she says in the video. She even claims that she “hooked him up” with her factory contacts and an artist friend who could help with logo design.

Von D concludes the video by saying, “I don't want anybody to go after Jeffree. I don't want to go and attack or start wars. I think, if anything, we can just, like, send positive vibes his way and hopefully we can make some changes in his life.”

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July 19, 2016: Star tweets this response: “There are 2 sides of every story. The truth will come out later today,” followed by a Snapchat video in which he calmly states, “So I woke up to a video that Kat posted this morning full of some really interesting lies and propaganda.”

He continues, “There are two sides to every story, so if you want to believe her, that’s fine. But the truth is going to come out.”

Finally, Star said, “I know you guys are expecting me to pop off and be crazy, but that’s not how I react when something’s not true. Later tonight, I will be addressing the false allegations, the ‘logo drama’ which is already squashed, and everything else she lied about.”
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July 19, 2016: Star spoke out again this afternoon, tweeting, “There is no beef with BJ. We worked together in 2014 on an idea and someone else took over. Everyone's been paid. #chillout
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July 19, 2016: Star then tweeted: “I never stole my logo. Where's the receipts??? Where's the lawsuit?? I created my brand in 2014. The truth is not in her video.”
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July 19, 2016: He continued his comment: “If people spent this much time worrying about themselves, instead of sitting online for hours talking about strangers... Like damn.”
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July 19, 2016: An hour later, Von D responded with an update via Twitter, saying, “Jeffree. Please, do yourself a favor and stop lying. BJ texted me that you reached out w a settlement proposal an hour after I posted video...”
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July 19, 2016: She continued in a follow-up tweet: “...so things are not 'settled' just yet. Would it be so hard to, for once, sincerely just apologize, make things right and move on?”
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July 19, 2016: As of 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, no further videos have been posted. But Star retweeted a fan’s comment, suggesting he should not make a video — an idea to which the cosmetics creator added a simple, “Amen.” Shortly thereafter, Star snapped a single shot of what looks like his palate cleanser du jour: mozzarella sticks.
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July 20 2016: For most of the day, both parties remain radio silent on the issue over their respective social media feeds — as does graphic designer JJ Betts, who previously had not publicly commented on the allegations.

However, around 3:00 pm Pacific time, Betts posts a tweet that says, “The matter between myself and Jeffree Star has been amicably resolved and I will have no further comments on the matter.”
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July 20 2016: About a 30 minutes later, Star retweeted Betts’ comment, adding, “BJ was and is paid for helping me design my logo.”
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July 20 2016: Star also announced his intention to (finally) upload a response video. Meanwhile, as fans waited to hear Star’s video response, Von D. seemed to put a cap on the issue by tweeting, “ @BJbetts, sorry it took all of this hassle for you to finally [and rightfully] get payed for your work. Onwards and upwards. X”
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July 20 2016: Then, around 6:00 pm Star finally posts his reply video.

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October 27, 2016: Jeffree Star had nothing but kind words for Kat Von D in an emotional video posted on his channel today. He says in the video, "Kat, if you are watching this, or if you ever watch this, thank you for covering me in some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen." Fans of Star hope the video is an olive branch and that the two are on their way to making amends.

Ed. note: The views reflected in the video do not represent those of Refinery29.
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