Lauren Graham Says The Gilmore Girls Revival Is Even Better Than The Original

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you're probably beyond excited about the revival. But you also might be a little skeptical. Can it live up to the original?

According to Lauren Graham, the actress who plays Lorelai, yes. In fact, it's even better — or at least working on it has been.

"It was my most favorite thing I've ever done. I was very thankful every day and really could kind of connect to, ‘I'm so lucky. Wow, what an experience to get to do this again,' in the way that we don't often get those chances in life," she told E! News.

She also said we shouldn't expect a carbon copy of the original. "It’s not even a do-over, it’s just to go back with an understanding of how rare it all was and is. Plus, I just love that material. I love it. I never get tired of it."

We don't want to get our hopes up, but...well, they're already sky-high anyway, and it sounds like we won't be disappointed.


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