Britney Spears Releases New Music Via Perfume Ad

Britney Spears is the mistress of Instagram. She’s also coming out with a new album and a new fragrance.

When you combine those three incontrovertible facts, you get something special. That something special is, in this case, an ad for her new fragrance featuring music from her new album.

We know. It’s a lot to process, so take a second and breathe.

The video is short, as are all Instagram videos. But it packs a punch. There Britney is, strutting onto the stage wearing a bra with sleeves. Then the cameras flash, though the theater is empty, and she’s transformed into Sparkle Britney. (That’s how powerful she is, she can conjure paparazzi out of thin air.) Sparkle Britney spins and spins until she spins into a bottle of her own perfume.

Private Show: Spun out of the essence of Britney Jean Spears herself.

Watch for yourself below.


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