We Can't Stop Watching These Red Velvet Croissants Being Made

It doesn’t get much better than a flakey, buttery croissant. It’s a staple in the world of pastries, decadent enough to be dessert but light enough to enjoy with your morning coffee. While the original is tough to beat, pastry chef Thiago Silva of Catch Restaurant and Union Fare Bakery in New York has managed to elevate this already exquisite bite.

You may recognize chef Silva's name from his previous ingenious dessert concoctions, including the recent birthday cake croissant. Yesterday, Union Fare's Instagram posted a truly irresistible video of the newest invention from Silva: the red velvet croissant.

The video shows a fresh batch being drizzled with a red velvet glaze and topped with crumbles of red velvet cake. Past Instagram posts from the pastry chef tell us that these rich little treats are also filled with a cream cheese custard. Click play, and let the drooling commence.

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