See What Happens When Disney Princesses Swap Movies

It's sometimes said that Disney princesses are generic and interchangeable. But really, they're each so distinct, it's hard to picture anyone else in their movies. If you don't believe us, check out Artist Dylan Bonner's Instagram page, which reimagines classic Disney movies by mixing and matching princesses.

The illustrations, reported by Hello Giggles, each star a princess in a setting where a different one typically lives. Ariel ends up at Cinderella's ball, Snow White dances with the Beast, and other unlikely combinations occur.

It makes you wonder what it would be like if each protagonist left her world behind and entered another's. Would Snow White take to the Beast like she did to all the forest creatures? How would Mulan fare with a bow and arrow?


Fairest One of All and the Beast lol 🌹🍎

A photo posted by Dylan Bonner (@dylanbonner90) on

The fairest one of Agrabah πŸŽπŸ’

A photo posted by Dylan Bonner (@dylanbonner90) on

Mulan is feeling especially #Brave lol 🐻

A photo posted by Dylan Bonner (@dylanbonner90) on

Acknowledging the logical inconsistencies of these images, Bonner's captions crack jokes. It's no wonder, for instance, that Ariel can't keep that slipper on without legs.

Ariel is still adjusting to the whole "shoes" thing lol 🐠

A photo posted by Dylan Bonner (@dylanbonner90) on

These may be the movies we watched during our childhood, but thanks to Instagram, we can continue to experience them again and again in new ways.

Now, we'll be waiting for the Instagram that swaps Cher from Clueless with the Mean Girls Plastics.

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