Amy Schumer Says Ben Hanisch Is Her First Real Boyfriend

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images.
Amy Schumer is a lot like the rest of us when it comes to being in love. That is to say, she's confused and terrified out of her mind about it. The actress opened up about her love life in the latest issue of Marie Claire.

As you probably know, she's been dating the hunky Chicago-based furniture designer Ben Hanisch publicly since January. And six months later, she's still figuring it out. "Being in love is the scariest thing in the world. You want to fucking cry and scream. I can't handle it," she told the magazine.
The 35-year-old joked about how she can be a little neurotic when it comes to dating Hanisch. "Every time we say good-bye, I think, 'This will have been a nice last week together.' Or I tell myself nothing is real and he's going to leave me and tell me he never loved me." She continued, "I feel so bad for him. How exhausting it must be dating me." (Oh please, we all know he's a lucky guy.)
In fact, their relationships is so special that for Schumer, it feels like her first. "I feel like Ben is the first guy who's really been my boyfriend," she said. "There are guys who, if they heard me say that, would want to punch me in the face, but yeah, it's the truth." Now that's romantic.


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