Calvin Harris Smashes The Like On Hiddleswift...What Does It Mean?!

Calvin Harris has definitely gotten the short end of the Hiddleswift, which is what British people call sticks, in the Taylor Swift breakup drama.

The Scottish DJ — real name Adam Wiles — has been up to a busy schedule of being photographed alone on beaches, being photographed alone near houses, and being photographed alone on boats.

But he’s taken time out of his solo relaxation and flexing schedule to like some posts, including one of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston during her very A-list July 4 party. Maybe he’s heard the theory that Hiddleswift is just a front for an extremely involved music video. Or maybe he just fat-fingered his iPhone and accidentally smashed the like when he’s not even supposed to be following.

The personal favorite theory is that his friend DMed him the photo, he tried to double-tap to zoom in, and accidentally liked it. Or he’s just being extra salty.

Either way, we support you Adam. We hope you smash many more likes in the future.

#news | Calvin liked Taylor's post.

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