Pregnant Fitness Model Responds To Body-Shamers: "There Is No 'One Size Fits all' Pregnancy"

In today's edition of "people publicly commenting on women's bodies," fitness model Daegan Coyne has been facing some pretty nasty Internet trolling during her pregnancy.

While pregnant women routinely face criticism for looking pregnant, Coyne is dealing with the opposite kind of harassment. According to a post on her Instagram, people have made comments to her like "you're way too small." It just goes to show you can't win.

And, of course, all these types of criticism are B.S.

"Given I am yet to see one lady carry their pregnancy shape and size the same as another, I believe it's safe to assume peeps that there is no 'one size fits all' pregnancy," she wrote. "I know heaps of the comments aren't meant to be hurtful or upsetting by any means, but we all have enough to worry about being a new mum (OMG scary) let alone whether you are the size you are 'expected' to be."

Sometimes, people need a friendly reminder that we should leave it to medical professionals to determine whether someone's pregnancy is going smoothly. And, as Coyne says, that won't look the same for everyone.

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