Comedian Posts Hilarious (Fake) Animal Facts In Zoo

American zoos. When they’re not murdering the beloved/vile gorilla Harambe, they’re removing awesome signs posted by comedians.

Comedian Jeff Wysaski, who also goes by Obvious Plant and has done this before in Ikea, helped the Los Angeles Zoo out by posting some free facts about its animals. Many companies would be thrilled to get such professionally made content essentially donated for exposure. Not the spoilsport zoo, though.

“The fake signs were posted around the zoo on June 30 by a guest without our knowledge, but they were promptly taken down by zoo staff,” zoo spokesperson Sarah Agronow told Buzzfeed.

And look at these facts, they’re clearly true.


I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo

A photo posted by Obvious Plant (@obviousplant) on

Checks out.

He was a highly koala-fied leader.

A photo posted by Obvious Plant (@obviousplant) on

This seems obvious in retrospect.

Dozens of meerkats escape from the L.A. Zoo every year

A photo posted by Obvious Plant (@obviousplant) on

Huge if true.

Thank you for the facts. Cheers to Wysaski for posting the true facts. Jeers to the Los Angeles Zoo for removing them.


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