Lady Gaga Finally Got Her Driver's License, Can Pick Up Snacks Now

Lady Gaga has a driver’s license.

Though the singer is 30, she’s also from New York, and native New Yorkers are weirdly late to get their driver’s licenses. While not driving can occasionally mean you meet the love of your life, it is also a huge hassle.

Not that Gaga wasn’t already racing cars around a track, or taking murderous road trips with Beyoncé. But, you know, those things are easier now. Gaga’s been driving for a while now, it’s just that she’s always had to have an adult in the car. Finally, she’ll be able to make those solo trips to In-N-Out without waking up one of the Little Monsters.

There’s a long list of amazing things Gaga can now do. Things like: Go to the grocery store, be the designated driver, take long road trips by herself, wait in endless traffic on the way to work, wait in endless traffic on the way back from work, and pick up takeout for all of her friends when they’re too stoned to drive. Or if this whole pop star thing doesn't work out, maybe Uber?

It's wonderful world she’s unlocked.


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