4 Women Get Real About Their Bedroom Deal-Breakers

It tends to happen like this: You meet somebody at a bar (or through friends or on a dating app), and the two of you hit it off. Whether it's after that first meeting or a few dates later, the two of you eventually decide to head back to one of your apartments to really get to know each other. Everything is hot. You want this; your date wants this. So you dive into bed, and then it happens — you run into a bedroom deal-breaker.

Whatever the situation, an irreversible blunder can leave you awkwardly trying to get out of a hookup, stat. And since dating and sex deal-breakers are pretty common, we decided to get four women to tell us all about theirs. Watch the video above to see four R29 staffers share stories about everything from non-consensual foot-licking to family members lurking in the next room. Oh, and feel free to share your bedroom deal-breakers in the comments.

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