15 Must-See Places That Don't Cost Any $$$

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It's almost inevitable that at some point during the summer, you'll come down with a case of FOMO. Most likely, it will strike on a Friday, while you're at your desk and friends are posting snaps and Instagram photos of pristine beaches, tropical drinks, and mountainside escapes. FOMO is never fun, but summer-travel FOMO hits especially hard. When this happens, take comfort in knowing that there's a way to mitigate the effects: take your own virtual vacation via Google Street View.

When Google launched Street View with five cities in 2007, the technology was revolutionary. You could be on the ground in a city from hundreds of miles away, exploring your surrounding with a single click. If satellite imagery changed your sense of direction, Street View, with its 360-degree panoramic photos, transformed your ability to understand places on a more human, realistic level, no matter where you were in the world.

Today, Street View spans all seven continents. It takes you inside World Heritage Sites, under the deep blue sea, and on top of the world (you can go to the observation deck of the world's tallest building, for example). Nothing can beat being somewhere in person, but Street View is your next best option. The totally immersive experience incites the same feelings of wonderment and helps to satisfy your curiosity and wanderlust until you, too, can take a FOMO-worthy photo.

Regardless of whether your summer involves a packed travel schedule or a series of staycations, there are 15 sites that you should definitely to check out on Google Maps. Click through for the locations you can't miss and get new ideas for your real-life bucket list.

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