Who Said This Gilmore Girls Quote?

Gilmore Girls is known for its dialogue. More specifically, the show is known for just how much of it the writers managed to pack into each episode. The girls and their wacky band of friends only really paused their epic, pop culture-laden speeches to eat. And yet, the seven seasons never really produced a catch phrase.

Still, Gilmore Girls quotes can be matched to each character because of the distinct voices among Stars Hollow's many residents. Luke's sarcasm is totally different from Paris' sarcasm. Emily and Richard have a world view in common, but how they choose to criticize their daughter or praise their granddaughter is unique to each of them. So, any devoted fan with a Google alert set for the Gilmore Girls' upcoming Netflix premiere date should be able to puzzle out which character said which line. Play the theme song if you find yourself needing some extra focus and inspiration.

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