Finally, A Robot That Can Do Your Chores

In case a robot that folds your laundry isn’t enough, there’s now a dog-bot that can do your dishes for you.

Boston Dynamics, makers of the kinda creepy four-legged robot, Big Dog, just released a video of its newest creation, SpotMini. It's a domestic robot that can perform countless household tasks, such as throwing away garbage and delivering food and drinks. It's basically one part robot, one part adorable pet, and one part obedient servant.

At just 65 pounds, SpotMini is a much smaller version of other robots Boston Dynamics has released in the past. And it can also grab things: It has an articulated arm (that looks more like the neck of a giraffe or a brontosaurus) that is gentle enough to put last night’s wine glasses safely in the dishwasher.

Because it skips around on electric motors instead of standard hydraulics, its movement is unusually sprightly. It can run around for 90 minutes when fully charged. SpotMini is also surprisingly quiet, so it can go about its duties while you're sleeping in. Though it can tackle stairs better than your family’s Labradoodle, it’s still subject to the same banana peel-induced spills as the rest of us. Luckily, it can pick itself back up (thanks to that articulated arm), and get back to doing your chores.

SpotMini is still a prototype, so tell Fido not to worry — he’s not being replaced quite yet. You can check it out in action below.

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