Two New Oreo Thin Flavors Are Launching Today

Last summer, Oreo launched a brand new, cookie, a classic with a sleeker, thinner design, called Oreo Thins. While we were a little skeptical about the new snack at first (we are true Double Stuf purists), the product took the internet by storm and quickly became a fan favorite.
Since the first launch was such a big success, the brand is rolling out two new flavors. Lemon and Chocolate Oreo Thins are officially available starting today. They'll be joining the regular, mint, and Golden Thin flavors on store shelves.

In case you need a refresher, Oreo Thins are 7.5 millimeters thick, while the classics are 12.5 millimeters. And they are are not a diet product, they're just the same old cookies with a different thickness, which gives them a slightly crunchier texture.

To celebrate the launch, Oreo teamed up with chef John Besh and his pastry chef Kelly Fields to come up with a seriously classy dessert featuring the cookies. Check out the mesmerizing video below and be forewarned that it's going to make you want to get your hands on a package or two.

Don't feel like putting in any extra effort? Besh also suggested simply dunking the cookies into a glass of red wine, which we think is absolutely genius.

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