Dinosaur Dominates American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is one of our few reliable sources of inspiration. We have Jessie Graff once again crushing it, this time in a Wonder Woman costume. Her costumed feat was quickly overshadowed by a mysterious competitor in a T-Rex costume.

The show played right along, displaying chyrons that put the T-Rex’s age at 65 million, his occupation as “Carnivore,” and his birthplace as the “Cretaceous Period.” Well, then. When the dino entered the stage, we thought his run would be about as short as his arms.

We were, like, so wrong. The T-Rex showed why he was an apex predator when he devoured the first few obstacles. But that small wingspan came into play when he hit the spin cycle. You’re going to watch this video, especially for the surprise ending. And the crowd chanting “Dino! Dino!” while even the adults were turned into giddy children is a real treat.

Up next: Actual ninjas enter the course but can't be seen, resulting in two minutes of tense silence. Not exactly great television but technically extremely impressive.


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