Woman Tints Her Brows While Waiting For A C-Section

Back in March, New York-based makeup artist Alaha Karimi shook the internet by posting a picture of herself doing her makeup while she was in labor. Now, a blogger from down under is taking it one step farther. Instead of reaching for the everyday eyeshadow, foundation, or blush right before giving birth, makeup artist Mollie opted for a trendier treatment: a peel-off eyebrow tint.

While waiting for a C-section, Mollie passed the time by swiping on the peel-off tint. (If you're not familiar with the new fad, no worries. Take a moment to learn more here.) As a quick primer: Once you apply the pigmented liquid to your brows, there's a minimum two-hour waiting period — hence Mollie's industrious idea to kill two birds with one stone while she awaited her baby's arrival.

"I decided to go for a wander in the hospital and I found a beauty salon," she says in the video above. "And the one thing I forgot to do before coming into the hospital was get my eyebrows tinted. So, ta-da!" She posted another video the next day and, although she was still playing the waiting game, her eyebrows appeared to be at peak fleek. (Once the product peels off, eyebrows are temporarily tinted for a couple of days.)

Our take: If a little pampering helps mamas relax and unwind before the stress of labor or surgery, who are we to judge? Today, Mollie and her killer brows are proudly welcoming a healthy baby girl.

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