The Hardest Fashion Quiz You'll Ever Take

There's a certain kind of person who takes immense pride in being able to tell the Olsen twins apart. Between Mary-Kate's penchant for more wavy hair to Ashley's slightly larger eyes (we swear!), the Olsens can be distinguished, if you know what you're looking for. But, when it comes to their style? You'll need to be a true Twin Whisperer. Sure, their styles have diverged in many points in their histories — back in the early aughts, the twins' divergent tastes in fashion made it downright easy to distinguish one from the other. Ashley's style was generally more classic (think: blazers, miniskirts, and heels), Mary-Kate's maintained an edge (bohemian jewelry, top hats, and ripped jeans).

But recently, their style has more recently found a synergy that seems so reflective of each other, we wouldn't be surprised if they shared one giant closet — filled with The Row and vintage caftans, of course. In honor of the twins' 30th birthday (can you believe?), let's play a little game of who-wore-what and see if you really know your M-K from your A.

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