Paris Jackson Proves She's The Queen Of The Vacation Selfie

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Paris Jackson is taking a much more controlled path to fame than her royal father. She’s already shown that she’s the mistress of the tribute tattoo. And her prom look is beyond on-point. But can she master the celebrity relationship Instagram?

We submit for your consideration a pair of vacation snaps alongside boyfriend Michael Snoddy.

The first is pair of classic car picture. Paris goes with the tongue-out selfie, a Miley Cyrus signature move that qualifies as a throwback. But Paris puts a twist on it with her tongue piercing. Edgy yet tasteful. Your mom would say, “If she makes him happy, I’m all for it” about this picture.

The second is a smile. Boring, safe, solid. No complaints.


best friend that's my best friend 💩

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The second Instagram is more daring and even more retro than we could imagine. That is…yep, that’s a full-on caricature. While we wouldn’t necessarily go for it ourselves, it’s a pretty clever trick. First of all, it’s art so it’s somewhat insulated from the criticism that can come with selfies. Second of all, it’s art of you, so you’re still in the picture. And third, it’s silly. Nobody is going to criticize a caricature.


thanks @zitman!!!!!

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