All The Upcoming Marvel Movies You Need To Know About

Marvel is in its eighth year of dominating the comic book genre (yep — RDJ starred in the first Iron Man in 2008), and the franchise is busy prepping a bevy of new entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a series known as "Phase Three," these upcoming adaptations follow up with old characters and introduce some long-awaited favorites. This arc is set during a time of discontent, where public opinion has turned against superheroes and the original Avengers are divided.

Though the original team is a fractured, it makes room for a welcome influx of diversity. Black Panther, the first major Black character in mainstream comic books, has a film due in summer 2018. Captain Marvel, the most powerful woman in Marvel's universe, will arrive in theaters the same year. Both are serious concerted efforts at expanding the imagination of how women and people of color are portrayed as supers onscreen.

Check back here for continuous updates on Marvel's upcoming releases. We've got the scoop on everything from Doctor Strange explainers to Captain Marvel casting rumors.

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