Life Advice That Every 20-Something Needs

Photographed by Tom Corbett.
Advice is a funny thing. We're all looking for it, but too often the kind we receive is either too generic or too abstract to be helpful. And while a good inspirational quote has its place, sometimes we really need the kind of wise words we can work with.

Take a piece of advice my boss gave me when I was stressing out about my professional trajectory: "You'll have so many careers before you retire," she said. It's not exactly going to be on a Hallmark card any time soon, but it was a lot more helpful to me than being told to dance like nobody's watching.

Recently, we polled Refinery29 staffers for the best advice they received in their 20s. Not surprisingly, what stuck with them is similar to what my boss told me: advice that makes you feel better but is also actionable. From writing thank-you notes to negotiating salaries, here's the best life and career advice you need at any age.

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