Justin Bieber Emoji Are Here & They'll Make A Belieber Outta You

Photo: Courtesy Kapps Media, LLC.
It’s been a big week for emoji news. First, Kim Kardashian blessed us with incredibly useful new Kimoji — you know you're going to use that Nori-giving-shade Kimoji on the regular. Then, the Unicode Consortium confirmed yesterday that we will be getting 72 new classic emoji some time this month. This will, perhaps most importantly, include a selfie-arm emoji.

And the good news continues today with the introduction of Justmoji.

What in the world are Justmoji, you ask? They’re the latest and greatest celebrity emoji to grace our phones and they're for all you Beliebers out there. That’s right, these are Justin Bieber emoji. Now you can message your all your loved ones using only stickers and GIFs of the Biebs. You can even make custom Justin Bieber images, including one where the Biebs holding up a sign saying the message of your choosing.

Is it too late now to say sorry for all the Justmoji I’m about to send? You can grab the app for $3 from the App Store.

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