Hanging With Gigi & Zayn In Italy Is Just As Awesome As You'd Think

The still images looked awesome enough, with Gigi and Zayn gallivanting around one of the world’s most beautiful cities for Vogue. Now, a behind-the-scenes video shows exactly how much fun they had during their shoot.

Mario Testino follows them around, and he seems a little less than thrilled.

“How boring is it to follow around a couple when they’re kissing, and you have nobody to kiss?” he jokes.

He also puts the moves on Gigi later in the video as only Mario Testino could, suggesting that they move into a flat together. Zayn should really know better than to leave Gigi alone around fashion photographers. Otherwise, bam, they’re living together in a Naples apartment, screaming at each other from street to balcony.

All the espresso in the world wouldn’t help cure that broken heart.

Anyway, watch below. It’s exactly as dramatic as we’re making it sound.

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