Willow Smith Has A Most Unusual Hobby

Photo: Rindoff/Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Willow Smith is anything but your typical teenager. The model, musician, and actress recently became Chanel's youngest-ever brand ambassador. At just 15 years old, she is one of the most wildly creative individuals in Hollywood, from her sense of style to her thoughts on the world. And in a new interview with Teen Vogue, the outspoken sister of Jaden Smith reveals some of her more unusual pastimes.

According to the magazine, Smith is fascinated by topics like nanoscience, civil engineering, and microbiology. And her hobbies are a bit brainier than binging Netflix and shoe-shopping. (Ahem, not that there's anything wrong with those activities.) Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter would rather sew her own clothing than buy it. Most interestingly, she "hosts underground teachings in quantum mechanics, and is studying how to produce songs from mathematical equations." (I totally do that on weekends too sometimes — you know, just to help break up the Netflix binges.

The "self-proclaimed STEM freak" recently toured the Boston campus of MIT, where she may one day matriculate. "It was nice to be able to talk to female students and professors about science and logic because that’s just such a man’s world," she said. With Willow around? Not for long.

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