The Presidential Candidate 25% Of Millennial Women Want To Eat With

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This presidential campaign has been anything but boring, from the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, to penis and menstruation jabs from Donald Trump. But, not surprisingly, the drama hasn't translated into inspiration. Over 39% of millennial women polled in the Refinery29/ABC News Vote Your Values poll say they wouldn't want to eat a meal with a single one of the five candidates still in the race.

One-quarter of respondents said they'd have dinner with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 15% said they'd have dinner with Clinton, and 11% would have dinner with Trump.

The poll was taken before Trump made incendiary comments about reproductive rights and abortion access, the latter in particular being an issue 11% of female millennial voters said was most important to them in the campaign. Although Trump later walked back his comments, there may be plenty of young women who, now that he's become so vocal about abortion access, would actually love the chance to discuss the matter with him over a nice meal.

Perhaps Ohio Gov. John Kasich's propensity for eating pizza with a fork (a photo capturing the moment went viral) is to blame for only 2% of respondents saying they would have dinner with him. Relatability is often an indicator of how candidates will fare in the election. President Obama, for example, struggled to seem approachable while running for president, and he now makes self-deprecating jokes at various events. While the question, "Who would you rather have a beer with?" crops up every election cycle, it seems this year many women don't want to hang out with these prospective leaders at all.

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