This Ad Hilariously Chronicles How You Feel About Your Period At Every Age

A visit from "Aunt Flo" can inspire relief, annoyance, desperation...and what about when she leaves you behind forever? Now, a video from the team at HelloFlo brings Aunt Flo to life — with super-funny results.

HelloFlo, the people behind disruptive ads about feminine hygiene products such as "Camp Gyno" and "First Moon Party," dubbed their latest video "A Visit From Aunt Flo." The video shows Aunt Flo, dressed in all red, interacting with different women from adolescence to adulthood.

"Some people call me a gift; some people call me a curse," she explains. "But I like to think of myself as a miracle."

The video shows Aunt Flo visiting a young girl who is desperately waiting to get her first period, as well as a woman saying goodbye to Flo after menopause. The opening scene features a couple freaking out about Aunt Flo showing up six days late. (Our favorite part is the last scene, when sweet Aunt Flo cheerfully knocks on a car window, breaking up a backseat hookup.)

"My goal is to show and normalize the confusing stuff," Naama Bloom, founder of HelloFlo, told Adweek. "One of our most popular articles is about vaginal discharge! This spot is definitely ambitious for us, as we've used these vignettes to showcase transitions in women's lives."

According to Adweek
, "A Visit From Aunt Flo" kicks off a year-long partnership with U by Kotex and Poise. It also comes on the heels of the announcement this month that SheKnows Media is acquiring HelloFlo.

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