Amy Schumer Explains Her Most Random Instagrams

Have you ever scrolled through Amy Schumer's Instagram feed and wondered, What the eff is going on here? You're not alone.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, the comedian joined Fallon in a round of "Explain This Photo." It's a simple game: Just pick out a few random Instas from someone's feed, and force the person to share the stories behind them.

In terms of random pics, Schumer's feed is a gold mine. There's the shot of her hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld on Pig Island, which resulted in her friend being bitten by a pig. There's the photo of her and boyfriend Ben Hanisch enjoying beignets in New Orleans, though the Trainwreck star insists the white powder covering their faces is cocaine.

Then there's the pic of Tilda Swinton and her boyfriend posing with Schumer's childhood stuffed animals, featuring the creepiest doll known to man. Seriously. Expect Chucky-level terror.

Watch the game unfold below.

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