Here's How Mindy Kaling Apologizes For Being Assertive

It's never too late to say sorry, if you do it with cupcakes.

Mindy Kaling, much like the characters she plays on her own The Mindy Project and The Office before that, is not the type to apologize for saying what needs to be said. She spoke about her assertiveness and how she deals with the sexism that it can engender on a panel at the 7th annual Women in the World summit in New York.

“I am very assertive, to the point of being brusk and then I just send cupcakes with a note saying, 'I am sorry for being so assertive, Love Mindy!'” Kaling said.

The Mindy Show creator, 36, went on to name the ways you can say sorry in Los Angeles. “In L.A., there’s a whole cottage industry of apology gifts you can send for being too assertive as a woman. Flower arrangements, artisanal ice cream," she said. "You can send a puppy party for demanding respect. 'I'm sorry I demanded respect at that meeting. Here's a puppy party. Love Mindy.'”

The entertainment industry has a problem with including just about any group you can name that’s not straight, white, and hot, so we’re guessing these kind of gifts get sent around quite a bit. Also, since Entourage is a documentary (don’t question this statement, just move on), we imagine Super Agent Jeremy Piven has sent more than a few of these all over town.

Kaling cautioned not to use this apology tactic when you’re just starting out, but that it’s great for later in your career. Another thing to look forward to: Trolling people with elaborate apology gifts.


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