It's Okay, Scarlett Johansson Had A Thing For Bad Boys Too

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Image.
Your dating life probably has more in common with Scarlett Johansson's than you think. She too had a thing for bad boys and unrequited love. Johansson opened up about her past dating failures, and what she has learned from them in this month's Cosmopolitan.

"Long, long ago, I had someone in my life who was forever unavailable," the actress told Cosmo. "But, like, so attractively unavailable. You have to get to your breaking point… rock bottom is the moment when you’re like, ‘I’ve lost myself. Why am I standing outside this bar at 1:30 in the morning texting while my friends are inside? Or taking a taxi to see him at some ungodly hour? This isn’t me.’"

If that situation sounds all too familiar, then here's Johansson's final advice on it: "That is the moment you’ve gotta cut it off. Otherwise, it will keep coming back, suck your blood.” Brutal analogy there, Johansson.

Her list of past suitors do include a few attractive, and equally elusive, boys including Jude Law, Jared Leto, and Josh Hartnett.

Either way, the married mother of one is proof that no one should make time for fuckbois in life. When you're at the bottom, the only place to go is up.

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