Jennifer Aniston Is "Hell-bent" On Staying Off Social Media

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Jennifer Aniston totally gets why Friends is so attractive to new generations of audiences — even though it doesn't exactly reflect their modern-day lives.

The actress, formerly known as Rachel Green, recently chatted with Refinery29 about why she thinks the series is so popular among millennials and centennials who may never have watched it during the original run.
"Well first off, I think it’s incredible. I love that," she said of the continued Friends obsession. "It's been able to transcend generations, which I find really wonderful. I am so proud to be a part of that show. Not only was it one of the greatest experiences that I had in my career, but it was such a fulfilling experience."

Aniston's thoughts on its lasting appeal? "Someone was saying people are attracted to it because that was a time when people would just sit in a room and be with each other, or in a coffee shop with each other, and they didn’t have some device that they were obsessing on or focusing on," she said. "There were actual connections with people, and I think there is some sort of a loss and a yearning for that in a way — a longing almost — for that time."

She can relate. We asked Aniston if she ever yearns for the days of less connectedness — and got a resounding "yes."

"I can’t even tell you: I am so hell-bent on not joining social media because I feel, I see [its impact]," she shared. "You sit in a room with people or go to a dinner and people can’t stop checking, or looking at, or reading their phones. They’re just not present.

"I can understand it though. It’s very addicting. You just go on someone’s Instagram for a minute and the next thing you know an hour and a half has gone by," she added. "It’s just time-changing, that is what it is."

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