Snapchat Has Reportedly Acquired Bitmoji

Two of your favorite apps are getting a whole lot closer, thanks to a rumored new business deal.

On Thursday, Snapchat Inc. reportedly agreed to buy Bitstrips Inc., maker of the Bitmoji app, for more than $100 million in cash and stock, sources told The Wall Street Journal. The news hasn't yet been confirmed by either company.

There's no word yet on whether the proposed deal would mean that Bitmoji will be integrated into Snapchat's platform, but our minds are swimming with the possibilities of what this acquisition could mean. Could Bitmoji avatars be incorporated into Snapchat filters? Or maybe Bitmoji integration could allow for better chatting? Maybe it could even become an entirely new chat service — the possibilities are all speculation at this point.

Fortune also suggests that the reported deal might allow Snapchat to better integrate itself directly into third-party smartphone keyboards (seeing as Bitmoji is a keyboard app).

Both Snapchat and Bitmoji are incredibly popular. Snapchat is currently number one in the iOS App Store, while Bitmoji is in the No. 38 spot. The fruits of this union could be incredible.

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