Amy Schumer Is Diagnosed As "Overexposed"

Don't worry, Amy Schumer knows that you're probably getting sick of her. In fact, she has a disease, and that disease is: overexposure.

A new promo for season four of Inside Amy Schumer finds the comedian in the doctor's office. The doctor tells her: "Amy, the test came back positive. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you've been overexposed." Schumer asks what the cure is. He responds: "Go away for a while." He even instructs her not to do her basic cable show. "No can do doc, got to follow my heart," she says. "Keep exposing myself."

Schumer told Entertainment Weekly, which debuted the clip, that the idea for the promo came after writer Christine Nangle made a similar quip at an awards show: "She said I couldn’t be there because I was being treated for overexposure. It’s hilarious. When it came to market [this season], I was like, let’s totally lean in to it." Nangle's joke came at the TV Critics Association Awards, as Deadline reported.

Like much of the material on Schumer's show the promo is funny, but pointed. It highlights how when a person — especially a woman — gains a certain amount of fame, the public starts to turn on her for being too prevalent. See, for instance, how Taylor Swift said she might "take some time off," arguing that she thinks "people might need a break from" her.

But Schumer's not going away. The show comes back April 21.

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