Why This Was The Best Disney Channel Original Movie, Ever

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Every '90s kid's favorite St. Patrick's Day flick, The Luck of the Irish, turns 15 this year. And a lot has happened since the story of Kyle, the middle school half-leprechaun, first premiered. Ryan Merriman (Kyle) has become a Pretty Little Liars villain. Timothy Omundson (the evil-yet-graceful leprechaun) is now a singing (former) villain on Galavant. And the film itself has emerged from the heap of Disney Channel Original Movies as one of the best of all time. Yes, it's even better than Halloweentown and Gotta Kick It Up! Obviously.

As we follow Kyle on a journey to find his heritage and, later, stop his hair from becoming the kind of neon orange that was actually in style with guys at my middle school, the corny jokes land, the sight gags are properly ridiculous, and there's even an important lesson or two. It's definitely worth a rewatch this St. Patrick's Day. I mean, it's basically this or Leprechaun.

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