This Baby Picture Of Leonardo DiCaprio Has The Internet In A Tizzy

Baby Leonardo DiCaprio with his mom and dad, 1976.Follow us for more awesome history >> History In Pictures

Posted by History In Pictures on Tuesday, 1 March 2016
Typically, baby pictures elicit high-pitched squeals of joy and delight from anyone and everyone viewing them — that's just how their cuteness works. We pretty much overdosed on awws after seeing a photo of Blue Ivy playing with Beyoncé's makeup bag just yesterday. And don't even get us started on that picture of North West attempting to contour her face.

Recently, a throwback picture of Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio surfaced on the internet, but instead of the focus being — and staying — on that adorable, mini, blond version of DiCaprio, some internet bullies commenters chose to laser-beam their attention on his mom Irmelin's armpit hair.

The image, posted over a week ago by History In Pictures on Facebook, has since garnered over 13K shares, 105K likes and "reactions," and almost 8K comments. The negative remarks range from Irmelin's underarms being dubbed "unladylike" and "dirty" to the all-original "that's gross." On the opposite, more hopeful side of the spectrum, many Facebook users also came to Irmelin's defense — and those are most of the top comments on the picture.

"When I saw this, I thought, Wow, that little toddler just got an Oscar. His parents must be extremely proud! Not OMG, his mom didn't shave her pits during a time [when] women didn't shave their pits," one user wrote. "Why does his mom have to shave? All women grow hair under their arms. This was a different time. This was normal. And women STILL DON'T have to shave to appease you! She's not gross, only your irrelevant opinion is," wrote another.

This isn't the first time the internet has flipped out over lady body hair for no good reason (seriously, we wrote a whole story of moments throughout history), and it probably won't be the last. For reasons unbeknownst to us, some individuals constantly feel the need to weigh in with their opinions on the grooming choices of others. Our say on the matter stands as such: Whether you ditch your razor or embrace it, the choice is yours — and yours alone.

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