Taylor Swift Cries To Pocahontas & Used To Give Mace To Her Friends

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.
Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities that many fans feel like they really truly know, despite never having met her. Swift encourages this openness by sharing regular updates on her social media sites. But there are some things that even the biggest Swifties don't know about the singer.

In fact, Swift revealed 25 of those things in an interview with Us Weekly.

She confirmed some already well-known tidbits, like that fact that she has been a long-time lover of red lipstick in the summer and that she was recently the maid of honor in her best friend's wedding.

But some of the other confessions were quite surprising.

For instance, she used to give her friends Mace. That's right, she would give out those little spray key chains to help her friends ward of (potential) attackers. "When I was in high school, I used to give my friends Mace for their key chains so they could defend themselves if they needed to," she told the magazine. Now that's friendship. I guess she's always had a bit of the "Bad Blood" fighter in her.

Showing her softer side, Swift also revealed the movie that will make her cry every time: Pocahontas. We feel you, Swift. Who can get through this song without a little bit of waterworks?

When she isn't crying to Disney movies, she is obsessed with HGTV and cooking shows, like Fixer Upper and Barefoot Contessa."

But my personal favorite Swift secret involves a rapper.

"I used to have a pug named Nelly," she said. "It was named that because I really liked the rapper Nelly. When I performed with Nelly on my tour, I did not tell him this."

So, that's what spurred the Nelly duet. Does that mean we will get a Barefoot Contessa or Pocahontas guest appearance on Swift's next tour? One can hope.

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