Melissa Joan Hart On Who Would Win A Sabrina The Teenage Witch vs. Harry Potter Duel

Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection/RANDY HOLMES/ABC/Getty Images.
It's hard to believe, but this fall marks the 20th anniversary of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's first season on ABC. Melissa Joan Hart commemorated the anniversary early to promote a new Sabrina box set on Huffington Post, where she answered some burning questions about the series.

Some of those questions, like, "Did Salem the cat actually talk?" are just gratuitous, silly nostalgia. Others are of consummate importance, particularly: "Who would win in a duel, Sabrina or Harry Potter?"

"There's something to be said for experience and schooling, and he's sort of the ultimate," Hart said, conceding to the Chosen One before adding that she does prefer Sabrina's magical mode of transportation to wizards' Quidditch brooms. "Vacuum cleaners are a lot easier to get around on. You step on it and go. It's like a hoverboard. Super simple. But a broom is very difficult to sit on. That's not comfortable."

Also of importance was Hart's response to whether she'd participate in a Sabrina reboot. "I might," she told the site. "There's a lot of talk about it. I feel like almost every day, somebody's calling me about it. Would we do it? Should we do it? How do we do it? I think the thing about reboots is they're really hard to do. They're hard to do right. I think sometimes it's better to just leave it in the past, unless you do it really, really great."

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