Here's What It's Like To Be Kendall Jenner During NYFW

I'll admit it. When I heard that Vogue had captured a day in the life of Kendall Jenner during fashion week, my immediate response was to roll my eyes. What could possibly be gleaned from two-and-a-half minutes with the camera trained on the rising model and heir to the Kardashian fame throne, aside from a dose of vapid, viral internet content?

But it turns out, I was wrong. This might actually be the first video ever in which I found myself being charmed by Jenner's personality. She's really sweet when Kim shows up to bring her sandwiches. She eats pancakes in bed and shares an adorable dad anecdote. And for all her running around in underwear looking like the runway model that she is, she seems — dare I say — relatable. I know. It sounds crazy. But see for yourself below, and don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself coveting a spot in her squad.

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