Why Aren't These Street Style Stans From Marni Photographed More?

Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
For the most part, the same group of attendees come to all the shows each Fashion Week, but there is a handful of presentations that draw a crowd of Stans. These cult-fave designers generate a street style scene that's got personality beyond your typical fashion show. We're paying homage to one show per Fashion Week that inspires such fervid superfandom — and a dress code to match!

You could make the argument that street style, by and large, is a game that's only played (and won) by a very specific kind of person. You have to have the willpower to wear stilettos in pouring rain and a thin sweater in freezing temperatures. You have to have the hubris to walk slowly and deliberately to lure photographers (sometimes into traffic). More than anything else, you have to look like the fashion industry's typical archetype: young, thin, and with a millionaire magpie's approach to style.

But Marni somehow breaks the mold, as evidenced by the people who come to its shows. They're varied in terms of age and what they do; they're women who own quirky, independent shops; they're Marni's super-shoppers, friends of the brand, and employees of the label. But what they all have in common is an unabashed love for Marni's art-nerd aesthetic, from its resin-petal necklaces and colorblocked sweaters to its platform sandals (worn with ankle socks, of course). Click through to see some women who rarely make it into typical street style slideshows, but whose collective style is so good, you might find yourself slipping into black trouser socks of your own by the end.

Click here to see the street style Stans outside New York's Hood by Air show.

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