Julia Roberts & Jennifer Aniston Are Celebrating Mother's Day With Ball Jokes & Terrible Hair

The trailer for Mother's Day features a whole host of famous people, clichés galore, and one truly unfortunate hairstyle.

Let's start with the famous people. This is the latest holiday-themed movie from director Garry Marshall, following in the footsteps of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. Here he has recruited longtime collaborator Julia Roberts to appear alongside Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

Roberts — burdened with a hairdo that mashes up Anna Wintour's bob and Carrot Top's coloring with a dash of Melissa McCarthy character — plays a successful business woman, who never had kids so as not to interfere with her career. (Here's where we start listing the clichés.)

Aniston is a harried single mom, whose ex is dating a much younger woman. Her boys talk about free-balling, a charming term they learned from their no good dad. Hudson, meanwhile, is semi-estranged from her own mother (Margo Martindale).

There's also Jason Sudeikis as a single dad — he's freaked out by tampons! Periods are so weird, you guys! Men are grossed out by them! Oh, and Roberts maybe actually did have a daughter (Britt Robertson), but gave her up for adoption. We're going to go out on a limb and say that many of these characters will learn the true meaning of Mother's Day by the movie's end.

Mother's Day
does not come out on Mother's Day. It comes out on April 29. Watch the trailer below.

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