Kylie Jenner Lets Two Non-Makeup Artists Do Her Makeup

Kylie Jenner is a beauty icon that makes her name on always looking on point. So it was daring of her to allow friends Harry Hudson and Josh Woods, two men who are definitely not makeup artists, to use her face as a canvas for a post on her app and website.

Not that men can’t be amazing makeup artists (especially when they have chips as inspiration). But these guys seem a little more on the amateur side.

“I’m gonna cry,” Kylie says. (But we think they’re doing a great job.)

“Hand me the next utensil,” Harry says. Josh holds up a hairbrush. (Ok, so maybe there are still some kinks to work out.)

Kylie seems to think everything is going fine. That is, until Harry tries to introduce purple makeup.

“No!” Ariel Tejada yells from offscreen. We guess she panicked when she thought of her client’s face in inexpert hands.

Everything turns out fine in the end. Although it helps when you have Kylie Jenner as a canvas and professionals standing just off camera to guide you.


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