Blake Shelton Answers If He & Gwen Stefani Are Ready For Kids

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Blake Shelton wants everyone to slow their roll on the whole "I wonder if Gwake will get married, and have kids and live happily ever after!" buzz.

He shared his thoughts on becoming a father with Stefani earlier this week, Entertainment Tonight reports.

"I think it's awfully early to be talking about that, don't you?" he said when asked if the two were vying for children.

I mean, true. They only made their public debut together less than three months ago.

When asked if the two will become "permanent roommates," Shelton laughed and responded with a simple, "No."

The pregnancy speculation began as a result of a little incident earlier this month. Remember that wedding where Stefani caught the bouquet?

To refresh your memory — Blake Shelton and Stefani ventured south to Nashville to attend the wedding of Shelton's stylist, Amanda Craig. Subsequently, Craig shared pictures of her wedding party on her Instagram feed, with multiple guest appearances by Shelton and Stefani.

While in attendance, the two enjoyed the photo booth (do we spy a new tradition forming?) and then Stefani nabbed the bouquet, prompting fans to start dreaming up a Gwake family and wedding.

The two have plenty of time to worry about kids, and being perma roomies. But for now, they will just remain, in Shelton's words, "really happy." And of course, masters of the silly photo booth snaps.

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