Acrobats Dance To Justin Bieber's "Sorry" — On Hoverboards

Something about Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” seems to attract large groups of people to do coordinated dances. First, there was the official video with its girl power dance squad. Now, YouTubers Kailey and Kelianne have upped the ante by adding hoverboards.

The video is nothing short of amazing. The dance troupe does handstands, trust falls, and a bunch of stuff that we're not sure the technical term for. You can tell it’s good dancing if you try to describe it, fail miserably, and just tell people to watch the video. (Just watch the video, is what we're trying to say.)

We’re much more likely to look like someone who dived into the pool after her hoverboard fell in — than these women, so color us impressed. Plus, you have to love that this routine takes two things we sometimes shake our heads at — Bieber and hoverboards — and turns them into a seriously awesome dance demonstration.

Check it out for yourself below.

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