So, That Friends Reunion "Is Not A Reunion Of Any Kind"

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Just because a bunch of stars from our favorite '90s television show are appearing together on-screen for a two-hour special, does not mean that it's a Friends reunion, says Sean Hayes, better known as Jack McFarland, Just Jack, or Jack 2000 from Will & Grace.

David Schwimmer has already told us that the special is not a reunion, but Hayes firmly debunked the rumor once and for all during an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The 45-year-old actor took it upon himself to shatter our illusions of a 2016 version of "I'll Be There for You," by better explaining the true nature of the NBC special next month, of which Hayes is a producer.

"So James Burrows is the veteran director responsible for such hits as Cheers, Friends, Taxi, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, on and on and on and on," Hayes explained.

"So what we did is we gathered all the casts from all of those shows and we're going to a do a two-hour special, and they’re all going to participate in some way or another. It is not a reunion of any kind."

Amidst the heartbreak surrounding the news, there is a silver-lining. Six casts from classic series means six times the fun. And what better way to honor Burrows than by including a full lineup of his a long list of hit TV shows?

So, even though it isn't itching our long-enduring Friends-reunion scratch, it's much, much better than nothing at all.

The tribute is set to air February 21 on NBC.
Video via EllenTube.

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