Anna Faris Talks Chris Pratt's Balls & On-screen Romance

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Personally, if I were married to one of Hollywood's most sought-after leading men, I would probably just pretend that he had a stunt double when he went off to smooch young starlets on-screen. But Anna Faris decided to go a different route and bond with the women who've pretended to be intimate with her famous husband, Chris Pratt.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, the comedian invited actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Aubrey Plaza to partake in a conversation about on-screen romance. (Plaza played Pratt's love interest-turned-wife on Parks and Recreation; Lawrence Stars opposite the Jurassic Park star in the upcoming space-age love story, Passenger.)

"One of my most favorite relationships that I've seen, and I know I have a personal attachment to it, but is your relationship with my husband on Parks and Recreation," Faris shared with Plaza. "April and Andy were one of the weirdest couples ever teamed up, but it was so brilliant."

That served as a segue into discussing how on-screen kissing makes for weird relationship moments — but mostly because other people bring it up. "How do you feel when your husband is kissing somebody else on screen?" Plaza wondered aloud. "I feel like it's only really weird when other people think that it's really weird. Then I get nervous," Faris explained. The Dirty Grandpa actress agreed, adding that her boyfriend was often asked the same question while Parks & Rec was on the air.

"Yeah, I'm in a relationship and people always ask my boyfriend how he feels," she went on. "People would always ask Jeff also about Pratt and about Andy and April and about me being on television for so long, and like how that feels and he's kind of like, you know, 'That's her job and it's not weird.'

"Specifically with Parks," she added,"the amount of time and hours you spend with people on a show like that, you all just become like weird siblings and everyone is all up in each other's shit."

Seizing the perfect opportunity, Faris then asked Plaza if she'd ever seen Pratt's man jewels. "I don't think I ever got the pleasure of that," Plaza admitted.

Lawrence joined the podcast shortly thereafter, adding her two cents on the topic of how to handle a romantic breakup within a friend circle. "Well you just don't hang out with them together," she explained. "I don't think anybody needs to keep someone from friends. You shouldn't ask your friends to choose. That's unfair. So, you just tell your friends to go hang out with them, and you just don't do it together."

Anna Faris may consider herself unqualified, but J Lawr's advice is pretty on point. We could definitely get used to these ladies doling out wisdom.


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