This May Be The Booziest City In The Country

Illustrated By Sydney Hass.
Austin, TX bills itself as the "live music capital of the world," and now it has another superlative to entice you into a night out. A research team at dating site Match analyzed users' profiles to pinpoint the cities in which the most singles say they "regularly" drink, and guess what? The city with the highest concentration of "regularly drinking" singles is none other than Austin. Cheers, y'all.

Researchers also determined cities' "Frequency of Drink Mention Relative To The National Average" to identify each locale's most distinctive beverage of choice. For example, Match users in Austin mention margaritas at a much higher rate than the average user does. Santa Rosa (the third-booziest city for singles) and Portland (the fourth-booziest), meanwhile, are all about their pinot noir. (Tituss Burgess would approve.) If you're more of a beer person, head for: New Orleans; Jackson, MS; Bakersfield, CA; or Houston. The most distinctive drinks in those spots are Corona, Bud, Corona, and Miller Light, respectively. Little Rock and Baton Rouge like their Jäger, meanwhile, while Charleston remains attached to its gin. Read on to find where you're most likely to meet at a bar for your first date — salt optional.

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