This Ad Campaign Highlights Diversity In The Best Way

Kohl’s is apparently one of the most progressive companies in America, if its new ad campaign is to be believed. The commercial, part of the retailer's #AllTogetherNow campaign, was released on YouTube and features a whole family coming home for the holidays.

There’s mom, inviting two sets of husbands and wives into the family home. And then a set of husbands! We love how matter-of-factly this placement has been handled. It’s 2015, and Kohl’s is portraying the modern family just the way it should: inclusively.

The Kohl’s ad is the first in a series that will highlight every member of the featured family. It joins Tiffany’s as companies with exemplary ad campaigns that spotlight how marriage is now an institution for people of all sexual orientations — as it always should have been.

Kohl’s will also put a “storytelling pop-up truck” in Times Square November 20 and 21. The company says that the truck will allow families or individuals to “share their family traditions via social media.”

Check out the new ad below.


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