The Imagined Thoughts Of Sad Women Looking Out Windows

Photo: Westend61/ Getty Images.
If you've ever read about dating, depression, or yeast infections, you've probably encountered a stock photo of a sad woman looking out a window. In fact, you've probably also seen this image in connection with things that have nothing to do with a woman feeling sad, like real estate and 15-minute dinner ideas. They are something of a disease.

It's a strange trope in the stock-photo world. But, then again, the entire universe of stock images is bizarre. These pictures don't offend us or anything. It's just that they're so not based in any kind of reality that it becomes quite funny. When in your life have you ever sat and looked out a window just to think? How often are you also holding a hand up to the glass while looking out that window? If we're gonna allow this trope to exist, we may as well give it a fictional story line. Ahead, some imagined scenarios about what brought these women to their windows — and why they're so bummed about it.

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