Benedict Cumberbatch Gets In A 19th-Century State Of Mind In New Sherlock Trailer

Photo: Joan Wakeham/REX USA.
Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock has been transported back to the days of Arthur Conan Doyle in the trailer for the BBC show's upcoming special, which does away with the texting and blogging that's become a hallmark of the series for more old-fashioned fare. But it doesn't seem like the past has changed our dear Sherlock that much: He's still self-centered and still obstinate. Martin Freeman's Watson asks, "What made you like this?" Sherlock responds: "Oh Watson, nothing made me. I made me."

The trailer doesn't reveal much about the actual mystery Sherlock and John Watson will be investigating, though we do see hooded figures, foggy landscapes, and a shot of an unidentified woman's arm in a lacy garment. It's all very atmospheric.

Despite the moodiness, part of the fun of this trailer is seeing our favorite characters in 19th-century garb — and with 19th-century facial hair. Watson's mustache is back — only this time, it's more pronounced. Sherlock, meanwhile, is in a deerstalker cap. Even though he has worn one in his modern incarnation, the classic look is now complete. However, he wears it reluctantly. "You're Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat," Watson says. Amen.

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